Top Tips To Use SEO For Your Small Business Website

I am fortunate that the real estate industry of which I write, is rich in content topics from NZ and around the world. There are regular statistics and reports which provide ample fodder for views, commentary and opinions. All aspiring real estate agents can register their details on a website. This can also provide them with the opportunity to use the web to link to referral documents and repositories of information which will support their status – specifically profile pages on LinkedIn, their own website or Facebook profile . Start with a Google Search, ask around and find a company that listens to you. People who don’t make you feel stupid won’t promise you quick results (it’s a long game). They will rank for important keywords rather than vanity keywords.

The Main Benefits of SEO For Real Estate Businesses – Intelligent Living

The Main Benefits of SEO For Real Estate Businesses.

Posted: Sat, 25 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

When a business has their website across different local citations, this tells search engines such as Google and Bing that they can trust your website. This increases authority of a websites domain enhancing search marketing for real estate agents their organic search ranking across the web. Sponsored posts are a highly valuable strategy to improve your business’s visibility, build your brand story and trust. Neil Patel, Forbes Top 10 Marketer, says that sponsored blogging is the best way to inbound market.

  • Your potential customers are more likely to listen to and engage with other customers’ experiences.
  • Typically regular content for websites involves regularly releasing new blog posts, but it could also be other content like new products, new product collections, property listings, releasing podcasts, or other forms of media.
  • This house should have been available for viewing yesterday, or the listing details should have been updated.
  • In the sub $200k range a fixed price represents a majority 68% of all listings, whereas for property over a $1m it falls to just 37%.

The Christmas and New Year periods are a time to unwind and relax. For the real estate industry it is the calm before the storm as January tends to be a hectic time of house hunting – certainly judging by traffic to real estate website which sees the highest level of visitors over the next few weeks.

This includes creating backlinks to your site and continuing to create similar content on social media platforms that also relate to the content on your site. These two things will drive traffic towards your website. The next benefit you can get is from the organic traffic. Those search users tend to be attracted to roundup articles. Because they prefer to read articles that have already compiled all the information and distilled it into one blog post. Now the question is: “How can content roundup posts boost SEO, drive traffic?”

These are just a few ways you can make your landing pages more competitive to increase organic traffic. The context of your industry and target audience will determine the specific strategy you choose. KiwiSprout uses SEO to grow traffic and leads for Hamilton businesses. We work with Hamilton businesses to audit their current SEO performance, identify opportunities to increase their organic traffic, then design, measure, and implement a full SEO strategy that generates results.

Jane is a classic Gen X/Gen Y, and her life is told through her blog, the “Girls Guide”. Engagement is a key component of a blog. It’s the exchange of comments that speaks to the principle of it being an ongoing conversation. Certainly you need to moderate the blog with approvals for first time posters , but you do not want to over filter.

Take a look at what other people are offering in terms of blog posts, tools and resources, and use your understanding to look for gaps where there isn’t much content, or isn’t much of value. If you’re already ranking in the top places for certain keywords, these are a good place to start for some quick rewards. Use Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to optimise your content for what keywords your target market are searching on.

First, guest blogging is only for those who have the time and desire to create great content. It won’t work well if you aren’t adding value to readers. This website has a 250+ masterlist of guest-blogging ideas and is sure to offer something you can utilise in your own strategy. Guest blogging is can be a great way to generate backlinks, create a meaningful connection with a wider audience, and to grow connections within your industry.

In the world of real estate marketing, as with any form of marketing creating standout is critical so as to generate awareness and interest. The design style of a home is very important. This is often what real estate agents highlight in their marketing descriptions. – certainly in today’s world of shrinking newspaper readership it is almost impossible for it to be seen as a viable means of allowing the general public to make a challenge to someones application to hold a license. There could be a better argument that the process would be better served by featuring a list of prospective applicants on the Real Estate Agents Authority website or on the industry website.

Open Door Marketing provides social media, email and print marketing for “too busy” real estate professionals. Everything is done for you using the $480K Real Estate Marketing System(tm), designed to create a continuous flow of new listings, position you as the local area expert, and increase your income. These bloggers, industry experts, and influencers love to show off their recognition. That is why these roundup posts are sometimes linked to websites and social media as a way for letting the expert or the influencer’s audience know of their popularity and credibility in which you will also earn high-quality backlinks to your website. Your schedule will dictate how many posts you should make, but we recommend at least two blog posts per week to build organic traffic from blogging. Typically, you need around 125 good blog posts to start seeing strong gains in organic traffic, as well as at least 6 months for your content to establish a good position in Google’s search results.